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Glacier Financial Partners, Ltd. Co. (“Glacier”) is a privately held Oil and Gas company that has designed a balanced strategy for growth, with an emphasis on risk management. Through the years we've been able to cultivate solid relationships with like-minded E&P companies consisting of both private and public entities. These relationships afford us the ability to participate in top-notch prospects, without heavy capital expenditures tying us to one particular region.

Our focus lies in the further development of mature basins, wherein we utilize the latest advancements in technology and completion methods to further enhance the overall performance/economics of each well. By drilling in proven areas we are able to reduce our exploration risk substantially and remove a lot of the guess work typically associated with exploring for oil/gas.

As an Oil and Gas consulting firm we provide direct participation investments related to the energy industry strictly through private offerings, available only to qualified investors. In order to follow securities rules and regulations, it is necessary that certain information be shielded from being viewed by the general public.

To determine your eligibility please fill out the "Investor Questionnaire". Once your suitability has been determined you will be granted access to our current projects.

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