Glacier's Leadership

Glacier employs; whether directly or indirectly, numerous professionals in the energy sector such as specialists, analysts, consultants, and various other field and supervisory personnel for such services as required for the analysis, generation, acquisition, drilling, testing, completion and development of prospective energy producing assets.  Furthermore, Glacier seeks out either at an advisory capacity or consulting basis various professionals in the fields of accounting and funds management, and experts in energy production systems.

Glacier heavily relies on our vast network of industry partners to provide strategic guidance to its executive team on issues involving both product and business development.  Our industry advisors assist senior management in its decision-making process by providing first-hand knowledge and experience across a myriad of relevant disciplines, experience areas and geographic markets.  Industry partners are conduits to potential alliance partners, customers, and new business opportunities here and abroad.

  • Ryan Chester - CEO   

    Mr. Chester is 34 years of age, married with one son, and has an impeccable reputation in the energy industry. Over the past ten years he has developed rock solid relationships with proven industry professionals that thrive on results. Ryan’s untainted values direct his decisions both personally and professionally, hence making him an essential leader of any management team. He has served on the Board of Directors for Alpha Omega Energy, an independent energy company focused on alternative energy solutions.

  • Sunni Chester - Administrative director   

    Mrs. Chester is married with one son, and has held key administrative positions with several prestigious companies in the Energy, Banking, and Accounting Sectors. Through her involvement in these industries, Sunni has developed a keen understanding of effective Management relative to all aspects of office operations.

  • Mark Robinson - Geological Advisor   

    Mark Robinson is a Texas Licensed Professional Geologist (#5649) with over 38 years of experience. Mark graduated from UCLA in 1978 receiving his BS degree in Geology and completed his MS in Geology at UT (Permian Basin) in 1989. He is credited with numerous Publications and holds 2 US Patents related to his method of locating oil and gas exploration prospects by data visualization and organization (3D-well log invention). Strengths include well data management focused on creating high-value databases geared toward enhancing E&P operations.

  • TR Dye - Pumper   

    Mr. Dye has over 13 years of experience as a Contract Pumper wherein he has been responsible for the ongoing maintenance and supervision of producing leases throughout District 7B (Abilene, Texas area). His leadership along with his mechanical ingenuity are considered to be a direct reflection of his years in service as an Aircraft Fuel System Mechanic with the United States Air Force. T.R. has played an active role in the improvement of the J.W. McFarlane lease since 2006.